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Logos for Members

Our AAPM Global Board of Standards issues the MPM ™ Master Project Manager - Project Management - Board Certification to qualified applicants who have met our commission requirements of: Education, Training, Experience, Industry Knowledge, Ethics, and Continuing Education.

Members must use the MPM without periods and with the name spelled out nearby the MPM if possible. Please use the TM or ™ Mark if possible next to our Trademarks.

Special Member Logos are below for use by board certified members of good standing. Members in good standing could use the below logos on their websites, resumes, promotional materials, or business cards.


John Doe, MPM Master Project Manager ™

Johann Blitz, PhD, CIPM ™, CPE ™, CPRM ™

Philippe Chirac, MBA, CEC ™, MPM ™, CIPM ™

John Doe, MBA, CIPM™ Certified International Project Manager ™

John Doe, PhD, MPM ™, PME ™ Master Project Manager ™

John Doe, PME ™ Project Manager E-Business ™

Linda Clinton, CPRM ™ Certified Project Risk Manager ™

Rudolph Hussain Obama, CPE ™ Certified Planning Engineer ™





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